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Hot Lunch Menu and Details
Hot Lunch Menu and Details
What's new--Microwave use is an upper grade privilege and is only for warming items under a minute. Please plan accordingly.  #thermoses  The students will have limited time in the lunch room this year. Remember that hot lunch is not served the first week or so of school, so pack lunch for your student(s) during that time.
2016-2017 School Year MENU
​Monday         Hot Dogs, Tater Tots, Carrots and Drink    
                       Bel Canto Fund Raiser

Tuesday         Burrito or Cheese Quesadilla, Spanish Rice, Salad and Drink  
                       6th Grade Fund Raiser  

Wednesday   Italian Entree (Lasagna or Pasta with Marinara sauce), Garlic Bread, Green Beans and Drink 
                       7th Grade Fund Raiser 

Thursday       Haystacks (Rice, Corn Chips, Chili Beans, Salad, Olives) and Drink    
                       8th Grade Fund Raiser
Friday            2 Slices of Pizza Hut Pizza, Fruit and Drink    
​                      Special funds for student of month activities and etc.

CHEESE--If you prefer not to eat cheese, there are options available each day. Friday would be a special order.

Lunch Tickets
Hot lunch tickets can be purchased at the school office.  The cost for a 10 meal ticket is $35.00.   If a meal ticket is not purchased, a hot lunch meal can be ordered daily before classes begin for $4.00. There will be no hot lunch available for those who have NOT paid or ordered ahead of time or who have forgotten their lunch. Thank you for supporting your school.

Hot Lunch Chef
Nohemi Cruz, known for her yummy cooking, sweet smile and quiet personality, and mother of our students, Stephanie and Willy, is now preparing our lunch Monday - Thursday.  Be sure to show her our appreciation.  

The CES school board and staff are working together to promote safety in all areas for our children, staff and guests.  With the increasing number of allergies, it has become necessary to require a detailed ingredient list on file for all meals and snacks served to students in the school including classrooms.  This includes food brought in for special occasions by parents and shared with other children.  If you send food to be shared, please remember to send the ingredient list with the food that will be shared. Please cut out the ingredient list from cake mixes, etc. and list the additional ingredients you used.  It is the individual parent’s responsibility to check out this list and be vigilant as to what their child can eat. In addition, the staff must be informed of any allergies your child may have.                     ​