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Holiday Safety Tips
Holiday Safety Tips
Adventist Risk Management wants you to be safe this holiday season while you shop and travel, so here are a few precaution tips:

1. Protect your credit card numbers and personal information

2. When buying Internet items, make sure you do business with known sites. Look for high ratings and user      approvals

3. Pay with PayPal so your credit card number and personal information is not shared with the seller

4. Remove all valuables from your vehicle, such as Gifts, cell phones, clothing. Take them with you or lock them in the trunk

5. Always park and walk in well-lit areas

6. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and carry only the credit cards you intend to use

7. Use ATMs wisely and have your card ready when you approach the machine

8. Carry purses with the strap going over one shoulder under coat, close to you

9. Carry a cellphone with you. If someone makes you suspicious or uncomfortable, call the police

10. When buying large and expensive items, make sure you breakdown the boxes and turn them inside out before putting them in the trash

11. If you are traveling, make sure your house does not look empty. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail or put a hold with the post office until you are back, and use timers to turn lights off and on

12. When returning to your car or walking back to your house make sure you have your keys handy so you don't get distracted by searching in your purse or pockets

13. Avoid distractions while you walk by yourself. Don't talk on the phone when walking through parking lots andstreets

14. Don't electronically unlock your vehicle until you are within door opening distance

15. If you believe someone is following you, cross the street, switch directions and walk into a store, restaurant, or public building