John L. Coble Elementary School

Calhoun | GA
Coble U.S. Presidential Voting
Coble U.S. Presidential Voting

Voting was intense as 100% of the Coble students and staff took time from the daily routines to cast their vote for their choice of candidate for the next president of the United States. Throughout the morning, there was a steady stream of classes in and out of the library where the polling booth was located.

Previous to arriving in the library, each voter filled in a voter I.D. card with their name, grade and teacher name. Upon arriving in the library, each class was told the procedure for voting. As their turn arrived, each student handed their I.D. to Mrs. Claus who then gave them the permission to enter the voting booth. Once in the booth, students found a stack of ballots with pictures of Barak Obama and Mitt Romeny on them. Using a pencil, they marked the candidate who they were voting for and then placed their ballot in a box. When finished, each student was given an "I voted" sticker.

Throughout the voting experience, students were encouraged to remind their parents to vote today. There was also a discussion with the different classes concerning their right and obligation as a citizen to vote once they reach 18 years of age.

Shortly before noon today, the votes were counted and the results for president of the United States as voted by Coble Elementary students are as follows:

No one - one vote
Minnie Mouse - one vote
Pedro Claus - one vote (cat belonging to Mrs. Claus)
Barak Obama - 30 votes
Mitt Romney - 68 votes

Please see the photos section for pictures from the voting experience.